Martin Bromiley awarded DAS Medal


Many people will have met or come across the story of Martin Bromiley, whose 37 year old wife died due to a ‘can't intubate, can't ventilate’ situation during routine surgery.

Mr Bromiley, a trained airline pilot, was subsequently hugely...

Nicki Dill elected Chair of Barema


Nicki Dill of Qualitech Healthcare will become the new Chair of Barema, having been elected by Council to take on the role after Harrie Cooke steps down at the end of the year. 

Results of the election were announced to delegates attending the...

Parker in the spotlight: from oxygen modules to respiratory support


Barema member Parker Hannifin hosted the Association’s autumn meeting, which took place on 14 October 2014 at Hemel Hempstead and was attended by 60 members.

Parker’s Tom Powell shared information about the company’s history and extensive portfolio...

Pentland Medical Ltd joins Barema


Pentland Medical Ltd has become the latest company to join Barema - and, in doing so, becomes the first of our member companies to be based in Scotland. (See...