About our members

Our member companies range from multinational businesses to small and medium-sized enterprises employing fewer than fifty people.  Some have been with us since the beginning; others have only just been launched.  Their products could be major pieces of capital equipment or single use items of which thousands are used each day.  What unites them is a shared vision to provide the best possible equipment for anaesthesia, critical care and respiratory medicine.

By definition, companies in Barema supply anaesthetic and/or respiratory devices.  

The former produce a wide range of essental anaesthetic equipment such as laryngoscopes, vaporizers, anaesthetic machines, eipdural needles, infusion pumps, medical gases, layngeal masks and all associated apparatus.  Dräger, Philips, GE Healthcare, Penlon and SpaceLabs are among the well-known anaesthetic companies in Barema.  

The latter group include ResMed, CareFusion, Clement Clarke and Vitalograph. As well as respiratory equipment such as ventilators, masks, nebulisers, filters and spirometers, many also have devices for the treatment of sleep disorders; CPAP, BPAP and other aids to support breathing.  

To see a full list of our members and what they supply, use the search tools in the list of members or products.