Barema ESSIG

Barema would like to introduce the newly formed Environmental and Sustainability Special Interest Group (ESSIG), established in February 2021. Coordinated by Nicki Dill and Paul Sim, comprising of Rachel Norris (Intersurgical), Peter Browne (Draeger), Thomas Haytack (B Braun) and Annabelle Curtis (Fisher & Paykel Healthcare).

The working group aims to be a two-way communication channel between the industry, NHS and other professional bodies, as healthcare moves towards a net zero carbon future. Please see attached the group’s terms of reference, which will be reviewed annually.

On behalf of Council, we are extremely grateful to Rachel, Peter, Thomas and Annabelle for volunteering to be members of this working group and take on the leadership for Barema’s Environmental & Sustainability programs. However, it is also vitally important for each member company to engage, work with and support the activities of the working group in order for our programs to be successful.

ESSIG Terms of Reference


  • To discuss environmental & sustainability issues surrounding the manufacture and supply of anaesthetic and respiratory medical devices.
  • To share ideas on how the industry can be more sustainable. Each member can review and discuss during ESSIG meetings. Include guest NHS speakers to align industry with the NHS need.
  • Two-way communication channel between industry and the NHS/Royal College/AoA/Member Companies and other professional organizations. Digest and breakdown any environmental / sustainability guidance into what it means for Barema members; with detail around the incremental steps as we move towards NHS Net Zero.
    • A collective voice to approach these institutions with questions, queries and developments from our members and provide an approachable avenue for members to voice concerns or thoughts
    • Provide feedback to NHS and other bodies of ‘sustainability supplier asks’ and how realistic these asks are.
    • Understanding what exactly the NHS believe is an acceptable standard for our companies both SME and large global to have or work towards
    • Understand and report timeframes to Barema members
    • Bring standardization and transparency to sustainability questionnaires on official tenders/purchase documents. Clarity to what the understanding of these questions are and how the answers will be addressed/scored
    • Make all/relevant companies aware of the impending CDP questionnaire coming their way – what is expected from this questionnaire and possible advice on how to fill in.
    • When we have a understanding of the basic requirements as an industry then we can engage on how the future looks – what initiatives are the AAGBI considering – how companies could help with research/measurable outcomes


  • Each member to take turns looking into different areas/aspects of sustainability for Barema members and report back to ESSIG meetings.
  • Members to invite guest speakers from the NHS to ESSIG meetings, so the group better understands the needs and challenges facing the NHS.
  • Helping to define requirements of industry to meet the intermediate goal within the NHS of all suppliers adhering to the sustainability requirements by the end of the decade. With members of the ESSIG working to guide best practice and share expertise, from the whole Barema group, on the topic of sustainability within the NHS.

Frequency of Meetings



Yes, however general updates circulated to Barema Members once approved by all ESSIG members.

Review Date

April 2022 and frequently thereafter.


As a group it would be good to have a representation outside of global players to represent SME’s.