Membership of Barema is open to all companies who supply anaesthetic or respiratory devices.There is also an option of Individual Membership for people working independently in the sector. 

How to apply

Download our Membership application form. Please return completed forms to

What are the benefits of Barema membership?

1. Practical business support
2. Dialogue
3. Excellence

1. Practical business support

  • Three meetings per year (2 x one-day, 1 x two-days) featuring talks by experts, discussion forums, and the chance to meet fellow members – free registration for all staff in member company (see Events)
  • Access to not-for-profit fully accredited training, accepted by all credentialing schemes (read about the Barema Professional Qualification)
  • Regular email bulletins with news on procurement, NHS, events, European directives, global markets and more
  • Monthly report giving technical, standards and regulatory updates for specifically anaesthetic and respiratory devices
  • Active representation on BSI and ISO Committees
  • Monthly digest of Clinica
  • Access to members’ resources and downloads from Barema website
  • Reduced registration for ABHI meetings
  • Free subscription to Global Medical Device Nomenclature and access to GMDN codes
  • Recognition as a member of an established and highly respected organisation, with entitlement to display the Barema membership logo
  • Plus free, professional and individualised advice on:
    • Interpretation of European Medical Device Directives
    • Quality Assurance Procedures
    • Notified Bodies Activities
    • Requirements for post market surveillance and reporting
    • Medical Devices Classification
    • Use of Harmonised Standards
    • National Requirements and procedures
    • Requirements in overseas markets – Specific Regulations
    • Global Harmonisation and Mutual Recognition matters

2. Dialogue

Barema has established strong relationships with key organisations to enable direct dialogue with clinicians, regulatory agencies, Standards Committees, government, European bodies and beyond.

Moreover, being part of Barema means being part of the ‘voice of the sector’, enabling all member companies, large or small, to have a say and influence policy.

3. Excellence

The anaesthetic and respiratory device industry has an enviable record for excellence in quality and safety.

Barema has played a major part, for more than 40 years, in achieving and maintaining this record – and Barema works hard to ensure it stays that way.

  • Barema’s Code of Practice means than all member companies are committed to conducting business ethically, at the highest professional standards, and to never do anything to bring the industry into disrepute  
  • Barema’s Training Policy means than all members are committed to ensuring their staff are rigorously trained, so that when they interact with users – medical, administrative or individual patients –  safety always comes first  
  • The Barema Professional Qualification in Anaesthetic, Respiratory and Critical Care – a fully accredited, bespoke, affordable training course developed specifically for companies in the sector – equips staff with the high level of skills and knowledge they need to work safely in areas where patients would otherwise be at risk   
  • Barema has permanent membership of the AAGBI’s Safety Committee allowing collaboration with all stakeholders involved in patient safety in anaesthesia 
  • Regular two-way communication with MHRA, Department of Health and NHS England Patient Safety enables members to respond or even pre-empt any safety issues   
  • All Barema members are kept fully updated on the latest developments in Regulatory Affairs and Standards