Barema Professional Qualification

The Barema Professional Qualification in Anaesthetics, Critical Care & Cardio-Respiratory Care is delivered in partnership with Healthcare Skills, is externally accredited by eduQual, and is the only course of its kind to be endorsed by Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland and to have the support of the Royal College of Anaesthetists.

How do you know that members of your company will not –

  • endanger the safety of the patient?
  • compromise professional standards of clinical practice?
  • contravene ethics, legal protection or patient confidentiality?
  • incur costly and potentially disastrous ramifications of not being fully and correctly trained?


The clinical area is a complex environment. All individuals are exposed to risk and also pose a risk to patients in care. Moreover, incorrect behaviour of medical representatives puts their company at risk of legal action and costly negligence claims. 

This is why it is imperative that the medical representative visiting any area in a hospital is properly trained. In the UK, NHS Trusts are increasingly demanding evidence of appropriate training before reps can enter their hospitals.


The Barema course

A key part of Barema’s vision is to, “maintain [the anaesthetic and respiratory] sector’s enviable reputation for exceptionally high levels of quality, safety, [and] reliability”. Developing the Barema Professional Qualification demonstrates our commitment to fulfilling this vision.

The course has been designed to cater specifically for the needs of Barema members. It includes practical sessions in hospital and is the only course with full endorsement of the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain & Ireland (AAGBI).  

One aspect of meeting the needs of our members is keeping it affordable; for this reason it is just one day long (to avoid overnight accommodation) and is run at cost: £445+VAT per person. Barema makes no profit from the course.

Course options  

In the UK, Trusts are increasingly demanding evidence of appropriate training of the product specialists wishing to visit their hospitals. In response to the increased scrutiny of hospital visitors, Barema has responded by extending the range of options available and creating a suite of training courses to meet all its member companies’ needs:

Theatre Access 2022 Course Dates

The following courses to be held via Zoom (Virtual)
April 20-21 (Wednesday-Thursday)
May 19-20        (Thursday-Friday)
June 8- 9           (Wednesday-Thursday)
July 20-21         (Wednesday-Thursday)
September 8-9        (Thursday-Friday)
Course Fee: £850 plus VAT per delegates and includes the Qualification Registration paid to the Government Awarding Body.
HCST Website

How to choose which option is right for you:

If your role involves visiting Operating Theatres, choose one of the Theatre Access courses: if not, then choose one of the Hospital Access qualifications.

If you specialise in Anaesthetics &/or Critical Care / ITU then take one of the A&CC option: if your company supplies respiratory equipment, then select one of the CR version of the course.

If you have worked as nurses, ODPs or similar before working in the device industry and you are still currently registered with HCPC or NMC, there is the further option of gaining the qualification through online tests plus practical assessment at your place of work. This gives a lower cost alternative which doesn’t require attending the day’s training.

All options of the Barema Qualification are recognised by all credentialing schemes (MIA, Reptrax, Who Are You Ltd) as evidence of training, e.g. it confers eligibility for the MIA card (£18+VAT) 


Course content

The cost of the course includes:
– Pre-course reading
– Full day’s training including operating theatre / hospital practical session
– Post-course evaluation (online) 
– Certification from Healthcare Skills 
– Qualification issued by eduQual (TVQ) a Government awarding body, regulated by Ofqual
– Photo ID badge from Healthcare Skills, which includes AAGBI and company logos

Topics covered include:
– Infection control and standard precautions
– Legal implications
– Consent and confidentiality
– Medical negligence
– Delivering competence-based training to your customers
– Safe delivery and collection of loan equipment
– Risk management
– Vicarious liability
– Duty of care 
– Sterile services and EBME
– Medical device regulations
– Adverse incident reporting and field observations



To book on a course or for further details please contact:


All quotes taken from delegates after completing the course. 




“This was really well received
by our sales teams.
We plan to put all relevant
people through it.”


“I think all staff would seriously 
benefit from the course”


“All topics were relevant, important
and, I believe, pretty crucial
to how we should work
in our environments”


“It is important to achieve the
qualification to safeguard
both ourselves and the
company’s reputation”


“[The most significant thing I learnt was] 
how to look after myself
in terms of litigation.” 


“The practical workshops were great.”


“Very engaging and interesting,
while remaining relevant content.
A real eye-opener!”


“It really has opened my eyes to a lot of very relevant and important points.


“[I learnt] many very useful things that will help me perform my day and to stay more responsible.”