Difficult Airway Society

The Difficult Airway Society is a UK-based medical specialist society formed to further management of the airway of patients by anaesthetists and other critical care practitioners. Growing from a group of anaesthetists meeting at fibreoptic intubation meetings in the late 1980s, DAS held its inaugural event in 1995 and finalised its Constitution in 1996. With over 2000 members DAS is now the second largest anaesthetic specialist society in the UK and regularly attract 500-600 delegates at its annual meetings.


EUROM VI is a group of European National Associations - one of which is Barema - that each represent small and medium enterprises involved in medical devices.  Areas of healthcare include surgery, anesthesia, respiration and inhalation, gas supply, sterilization, and optomedical.  The objectives of EUROM VI are:

  • to represent European Medical Technology Industry
  • to promote cooperation between members but also with other European organizations
  • to encourage worldwide trade by being involved in harmonization of legislation, standardization, mutual recognition and certification procedures
  • to be a partner on works with UE Commission and Standardization Bodies to defend European Industry views on international activities.

Global Medical Device Nomenclature Agency

The GMDN Agency is a non-profit company responsible for the running and maintenance of the Global Medical Device Nomenclature, the comprehensive system of internationally recognised coded descriptors in the format of preferred terms with definitions used to generically identify medical devices and related health care products.  The Agency provides services and information for access to the GMDN data through its website or other means.  Barema is a member of GMDN and Barema members have free access to codes.

Healthcare Skills International

Healthcare Skills International (HCS) is an approved education centre delivering a range of externally validated, competence-based qualifications to the medical profession and healthcare industry that are internationally recognised.  The programmes run by HCS enable people who work in the medical device sector, and who are required to be present in clinical areas, to formally demonstrate a level of competence that assures patient safety and ensures medical standards are not compromised, professionally or legally.

HCS is Barema's delivery partner for the Barema Professional Qualification, an externally-accredited course to train company staff working in the clnical environment. 

Lifebox Foundation

Lifebox was founded by The World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists, the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland, the Harvard School of Public Health and  the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Together, they are working to provide low-cost, robust oximeters and pulse oximetry education to the 77,000+ operating rooms worldwide that have to make do without pulse oximeters, leading to loss of lives. But Lifebox doesn’t stop with pulse oximetry; they work for sustainable changes of practice that will ultimately raise the safety and quality standards of global healthcare.